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Stable Isotope Research at USF

School of Geosciences

Dr. Jonathan Wynn - Stable isotope geochemistry of the global carbon cycle, and the role of soil carbon in paleoenvironments and paleoclimate. Paleoclimatic forcing of human evolution and the geological record of fossil soils.

Dr. Bogdan Onac - Paleoclimate and sea-level changes based on cave deposits. Mineralogy and geochemistry of cave minerals, carbonate geology and karst protection.

Dr. Gregory Herbert - Evolutionary arms races, Stable isotope ecology, Paleoclimatology, Phylogenetic systematics and Neogastropod evolution.

Dr. Mark Rains - Stable isotope and trace element analysis of surface-water and shallow-groundwater environments, including depressional wetlands, headwater streams and mainstem rivers, and mangroves and lagoons.

Integrative Biology

Dr. David Lewis - Transport and transformation, in the biosphere, of carbon (C), nitrogen (N), and other ecologically important elements

Dr. KT Scott - Microbial physiology and biogeochemistry.

Cell Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology

Dr. James Garey


Dr. Erin Kimmerle - Forensic Anthropology