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USF Forest Preserve


Stilosoma, or short-tailed snake

The USF Forest Preserve is a 500-acre plot of wetland and sandhill habitat. It is home to a variety of plants and animals, many of whom are threatened or endangered and also several that are fire-dependent. Part of the area is routinely burned in order to conduct research on ecological succession. The Forest Preserve has two primary functions: research and teaching; USF policies on the Forest Preserve are here.

Research: It is the setting for many research projects and conservation efforts. The Forest Preserve offers considerable value to research at USF by supporting a variety of types of research projects (ecology, biology, geology, archeaology, engineering, etc.).

Teaching: Besides its role as a research facility for scientists and other researchers, the Forest Preserve is a learning tool for USF students and teachers, and a valuable asset to the University community. It provides hands-on experience for USF students and teaches a better understanding of the web of relationships in this habitat. It is a central part of the ecology courses and students taking ecology classes have several Forest Preserve based labs. Other departments at USF use the Forest Preserve for teaching as well. For more information please use the links on the right of this page to explore specific information on courses and the materials used in the PCB 3043 Ecology course taught every semester.