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Using the Forest Preserve for Research and Teaching

Professors, post-doctoral fellows, grad students and undergraduate students from several departments use the Forest Preserve for their research. Use of the Forest Preserve for teaching or research requires approval in the form of a brief written proposal by the Forest Preserve Advisory Committee. There are two purposes to this proposal. (1) To maintain the health of the Forest Preserve and the organisms in it, and assure proper, compatible use by all users (2) To provide adequate information as to who is using the Forest Preserve and for what purposes, and whose study plots, flags, etc., are whose. The Forest Preserve Advisory Committee will not evaluate the overall scientific or pedagogic merit of your proposed work, but may reject or suggest modifications to all requests for use based entirely on the expected impact on the Forest Preserve and the populations of organisms in it. Once approved, any departure from or modification of a proposal for Forest Preserve use, must be accompanied by approval of modified proposal before work begins. Unauthorized use of the Forest Preserve will lead to revocation of all use privileges. The required informationmust be submitted to Dr. David Lewis prior to beginning of research or teaching in the Forest Preserve.

Current and Recent Ecological Research