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2018-2019 Price List

Sample Analysis

USF & AffiliatesAcademicExternal/CorporateMethod Development
ICP-MS (up to 20 Elements) $45/Sample $80/Sample $200/Sample $75/Hour + Reagents
LA-ICP-MS (continuous ablation time) $100/hr. $200/hr. $400/hr. $100/Hour + Reagents
IC-ICP-MS Speciation (Prices in addition to the standard ICP charge) $25/Sample $30/Sample $50/Sample $125/Hour + Reagents
ICP-OES $25/Sample $50/Sample $100/Sample $75/Hou + Reagentsr
HP-IC (Standard Anion Determination) $35/Sample $75/Sample $150/Sample $125/Hou + Reagentsr

Minimum charge $300 for use of the ICP-MS or ICP-OES (which covers up to the first 10 samples for academic users.)

Sample Preparation

USF & AffiliatesAcademicExternal/Corporate
HF-HNO3 Digestion $16.50/Sample $28.75/Sample $50.00/Sample
Flux Fusion $12.60/Sample $22.50/Sample $75.00/Sample
Flux Fusion for B analysis $16.50/Sample $28.75/Sample $50.00/Sample
Simple Dilutions $2/Sample $3.50/Sample $5.00/Sample

Other digestions for mineral, soil, biologic samples, etc. will be priced on a case by case basis where cost is dependent on the complexity of the method required

Crushing & Powdering

USF & AffiliatesAcademicExternal/Corporate
Whole rock from billet $21.50/Sample $37.50/Sample $50.00/Sample

Thin Section/ LA-ICP-MS Mounts prepared for analysis at USF

USF & AffiliatesAcademicExternal/Corporate
Whole rock/chips/mineral grains $27/Sample $45/Sample $75/Sample

To book time on any of our instruments please go to the pilot studies work request and fill out the form. Include number and type of samples and state any funding available to complete this work