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Current and Ongoing Research

Geochemical Research

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Dr. Zachary Atlas - Volcanic geochemistry of the Caribbean region. Work is ongoing to characterize subducted sediment influence to modern and miocene volcanics. Geochemistry of the Nicaraguan Volcanics. Fluid mobile element and trace element chemistry of Masaya and Apoyo Volcanoes. Volcanic relationship of shonkinite-seyenite pairs at the San Rafael Swell. Forensic Geology of soils from the Volcanic relationship of “shonkinitic-seyenitic” pairs at the San Rafael Swell. Forensic Geology of soils from the USF Forensic Facility

Dr. Jeffrey Ryan - Dr. Ryan and his graduate students are heavily involved with ongoing research on drilled volcanics from IODP Legs 352, 366 and 368 from the Izu Bonin & Mariana fore arcs, and from the South China Sea. Geochemistry of the metamorphic complexes in the Appalachians to characterize ancient metamorphosed arc like accreted terrains.

Dr. Aurelie Germa - Volcanic geochemistry, K-Ar dating and volcanic evolution of Martinique. Volcanic geochemistry of the Caribbean region. Geochemical spatial and temporal relationships of San Rafael Swell volcanics.

Dr. Matthew Pasek - Speciation of Phosphorus. Work continues to characterize phosphorus species in surface waters and constrain redox processes in the modern phosphorus biogeochemical cycle, including the role of lightning and meteoritic impacts.

Dr. Mark Rains – Analysis of Cations and anions in natural waters from Florida and from the Kenai peninsula, Alaska

Dr. Sean Landry – Feasibility of using air plants for the determination of air quality in urban settings.

Interdepartmental Research


Dr Kenyon Daniel & Dr. Wayne Guida- Determination of the trace metal load in Cancerous and proximal normal human tissues. Analysis of copper homeostasis in cancer cells as a means to invoke cell death within tumors.


Dr. Christian E. Wells - Analysis of microscale anthropogenic activity in Central America using soil chemistry

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. Maya Trotz - Water quality, sustainability, ecotourism and small scale mining impacts on environmental issues

Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Norma Alcantar - The study of green materials for use in environmental abatement of heavy metals


Dr. Marie Bourgeois – Determination of toxic metal in infant formulas for public health information.

To book time on any of our instruments please Contact Dr. Zachary Atlas